Better results in Gat, Pat

national April 21, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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Students' overall scores in the latest General Aptitude Test (Gat) and Professional and Academic Aptitude Test (Pat) were higher than for similar tests a year ago.

“When compared with the Gat/Pat No 1/2013, test takers’ average scores are higher in all subjects except for the Pat 6 (fine arts) and Pat 7.6 (Pali),” National Institute of Educational Testing Service (NIETS) director Dr Samphan Phanphruk said yesterday. 
NIETS, which organised the Gat/Pat, released the latest scores on Saturday evening. 
In some subjects such as Gat 1 for reading, writing, analytical and problem solving skills and Pat 1 (for mathematics), some test takers earned full scores. 
So far, in most subjects, test takers’ average scores were lower than half. For example, out of the possible 300 points, the average scores in the Pat 1, Pat 2 (science) Pat 3 (engineering) and Pat 4 (architecture) stood at just 57.4, 89.84, 99.4 and 84.11 respectively. In language tests like Pat 7.1 (French), Pat 7.2 (German), Pat 7.3 (Japanese) and Pat 7.4 (Mandarin), the test takers’ average scores were also at just 92, 87.42, 95.09 and 81.32 respectively out of the possible 300 points. 
Most test takers treated the Gat/Pat seriously because the scores are the main criteria for university admission. 
The latest tests were for the Gat/Pat No 1/2014. 
The Gat/Pat No 2/2014, which interested students may sit again, will be held between April 26 and April 29.
“Applicants should check their test schedule, their test venue and their test-taker number at,” Samphan said. 
Scores from the Gat/Pat No 2/2014 will be announced on May 29.
Students can use their best scores from Gat/Pat to apply for seats at their favoured higher-educational institutes.