Banjerd set for art show in New York

national April 12, 2016 01:00

By The Nation

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WITH HIS STRIKINGLY unique steel sculptures, Thai artist Banjerd Lekkong will be introducing his solo exhibition to New York at the Agora Gallery next month.

He will become the first Thai artist to exhibit at the contemporary art gallery in the centre of New York’s Chelsea art district. The exhibition will be sponsored by Singha Park Chiang Rai.

Fifteen of his sculptures, including depictions of Singha and Hanuman, and other images from the Ramayana, featuring unique aspects of Thai art and literature, have been selected to display under the title “Banjerd Lekkong: a Solo Exhibition” at Agora from May 20 to June 9.

A child born to parents who owned a garage business, Banjerd said he fell in love with steel and Thai art when he was young – and he mixed them together.

In 2003, he started creating artwork under the brand “Lekkong sculpture”. Its prominent feature was the integration of steel frames and Thai-style art.

His sculptures are so intricate and densely packed with information that they erase divisions between art, story and symbol.

His creations tell stories from |religion in a very specific way by |creating pieces that are both |single-character depictions and |entire, multi-player tableaus.

“It is the proudest day of my life. |I have dreamed of exhibiting my |art pieces in an international |gallery and the day has finally come,” he said.

Banjerd said he was grateful to Santi Bhirombhakdi, president of Singha Corp, who saw the value of art and wanted to encourage Thai artists to exhibit their world-class works.

Singha Park managing director Pongrat Luangthamrongcharoen said that apart from supporting local communities in Thailand, Singha Park also continually helped Thai artists to |create and exhibit their artworks.

“We see great potential in our Thai artists,” he said.

“Their creations are precious works and should be recognised in world communities.”

Pongrat said the group plans a |further collaboration with the New York gallery to help elevate Thai artists to world-class status.



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