Baby dies eight days after ATM 'short-circuit'

national August 16, 2014 01:00

By The Nation

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A toddler who was the victim of a short-circuit in a Siam Commercial Bank ATM in Trang last week died yesterday morning after eight days of attempts to save her life.

Parichat “Nong Yok” Noopinit was seriously injured by an electric shock when she touched the machine on August 7 before being sent to Trang Hospital.
The girl’s mother, Sukunya Noopinit, agreed to turn off a life-support machine that had kept her daughter alive, alongside sad relatives and SCB staff.
Doctors said her daughter’s condition had not improved because of critical damage to the child’s brain and respiratory system. They said the girl had been kept alive by the hospital machine since the accident. 
After, the girl’s family prayed for her soul to rest in peace. Trang Hospital also gave a wreath.
Her funeral will be held at Wat Kuan Pho in Trang.

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