Autopsy shows Sutthi shot at close range, suicide suggested

national July 23, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

Post-mortem examination showed that Sutthi Atchasai's right temple had gunpowder residue suggesting that the shot was fired at close range and that though the deceased was naturally left-handed, he was also ambidextrous, Central Institute of Forensic Scie

The gunshot entry wound on the right temple and exit wound above the left temple showed it was a close-range shooting and suggested that it was self-inflicted, he said. 
The lack of gunpowder residue in his hand could possibly be because the body was moved and the autopsy conducted five days after the death, Suranarong said, adding that gunpowder residue can become undetectable after half a day. 
CIFS deputy director Sakaya Chumai said the CIFS team’s simulation on Saturday of what might have happened found that four shots had been fired at the scene with the fourth being the one that went into Sutthi’s temple. The bullet slug was found in the pick-up truck’s roof. 

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