Australian parents take surrogateborn babies home

national August 11, 2014 16:04

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Even in the wake of the baby Gammy saga, Australian couples have continued to leave Thailand with their babies born to surrogate mothers, the Sydneybased news website;, has reported.

It quoted Gaurav Wankhede, who has facilitated surrogacies for seven Australian couples, as saying that couples should not panic.

“People are leaving Bangkok at the moment and going home with babies. People who completed the cycle by August will have their deliveries in the next nine or 10 months, give or take, so I think realistically it should be a 1214 month window for sure,” Wankhede said.

Wankhede, a former Australian Defence Force officer, said,  “I don’t think Thailand is a country that would like to send out a signal of keeping babies hostage.”
Surrogacy organisations in Australia are also “hopeful” parents will be able to bring their babies home, despite one of the largest Bangkok clinics being shut down by Thai authorities investigating links to human trafficking.
Gammy, an infant with Down’s syndrome, has been living with his Thai surrogate mother, who said his biological parents took his healthy twin sister but left him behind. The parents; David and Wendy Farnell who were accused of abandoning their son because he had Down's syndrome have denied the claims in a TV interview, saying instead that his Thai surrogate mother demanded to keep the child.