Athletes, YouTube celebs among dream jobs for youth

national January 08, 2016 01:00

By The Nation

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THE DREAM jobs of Thai youngsters this year may come as a surprise

The survey was conducted on 1,546 youngsters aged seven to 14.
Most of the respondents praised their parents as their idols.
The youngsters said they want to become a doctor because they want to take good care of their family as well as other people. Doctors can also earn a handsome income.
The unexpected job was athletes, which came in second, followed by chefs, engineers and teachers.
“The trending job this year is sportsmen because most children love to play sports, which can make them healthy, and they want to bring fame to the country,” Adecco said.
Other popular careers were video critics who reviewed eateries and cosmetics. They said they want to make viewers happy.
Baristas were the new rock stars. They said they want to work for Starbucks, as the brand is popular among coffee drinkers.
When talking about a “cool” job, doctors still headed the list, followed by military officers, police, actors, singers and sportsmen. 
Most of the answers on a cool job corresponded with a dream job. However some youngsters said their dream job was chef but their cool job was medical doctors, while some want to be teachers but their cool job was military officers.
Asked to reveal the three things they would do if they became prime minister, most of the respondents said they want to develop the country, reform education, help the poor and take care of people.
A large group mentioned that they want to improve the environment in the country.
Their idols were their parents, followed by medical doctors, Argentine footballer Leonel Messi and “Yaya” Urassaya Sperbund, an actress who just graduated from Chulalongkorn University.
Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha raised eyebrows by ranking fifth as an idol among the youngsters.
When asked which country they wanted to live in, more than half answered Thailand. Other popular choices were Japan, the United States and the United Kingdom.
Arif Blukavari, a fourth grader at Ban Tanyong School in Yaha district of the southern province of Yala, sent a New Year’s card to the prime minister wishing him a quick recovery from illness so that he was healthy again and could return to work.
In the card, he encouraged Prayut to take his medicine, eat his food and take care of himself. 
“Sawasdee krub, I love the premier more than anything else in the world.”
He also requested the premier to tackle the problem of the plummeting price of para rubber. 
“When will the price of rubber rise? I feel sorry for my parents and other villagers,” read the card, which was displayed at Government House.
Arif told The Nation yesterday that he wrote to Prayut because he felt sorry for him. He worked very hard for the country every day.
The boy’s grandparents were also rubber tappers and he was saving up money to help them, as the rubber price was dirt low.

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