At Least 51 Dead in plane crash in Taiwan

national July 23, 2014 00:00

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At least 51 passengers died after a Taiwanese TransAsia Airways plane made an emergency landing at a village in Penghu county amid stormy weather, reported Taiwan's Central News Agency on Wednesday.

Flight GE222 left Kaohsiung Siaogang Airport at 5pm and was scheduled to land in Penghu's Magong Airport at 5.30pm. According to the Central Weather Bureau, the island of Penghu was in the area battered by Typhoon Matmo, which brought an onslaught of heavy rain throughout the evening.

The plane, carrying 54 passengers and four crew members, reportedly caught fire after it landed at the end of the runway. Seven passengers have been sent to the local hospital with burn injuries.

An amateur video, obtained by Taiwan's Apple Daily news, shows the wreckage caused by the plane ramming into two homes after leaving the runway. In it, the videographer points out where the plane first hit and zooms out to show the plane's trajectory.

 After Plane Crashes During Emergency Landing in Taiwan