Army to follow up on Yala slayings

national April 21, 2014 00:00

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Fourth Army Region Commander Lt Gen Walit Rojanapakdi on Monday visited Yala's Bannang Sata district to follow up the investigation into the killing of three people, one of them a two-year-old girl, on Sunday.

Two of the victims; Doromae and Aisoh Daraseh, were the parents of Abdulakim and Abdulakam, both security volunteers, who survived bomb attacks in the same district.

The slain girl was identified as Nuraman. Her brother; Sulaiman, 12, was injured in the attack but survived. Both youngsters were the grandchildren of Abdulakim.
Walit will check information about the killings to try and determine if the attack stemmed from a personal conflict or was planned by insurgents./
Yala's police commander Pol Maj Gen Songkiat Watakul meanwhile said investigators has been ordered to urgently solve these gruesome attacks.
A source revealed that Abdulakim, his brother Abdulakam and a friend were earlier targets of bomb attacks. Their vehicles were damaged but they escaped with slight injuries.
Songkiat said that name Abdulakim had appeared in leaflets distributed by insurgents in many Yala districts.

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