Anudith denies forcing panel to okay first lot of tablets

national June 14, 2012 00:00


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Some tablets were found to have a problem with the drag-and-drop function during inspection of the first batch of 2,000 units, a source from the Education Ministry said yesterday.

Officials were dispatched to China to work with the manufacturer, Shenzhen Scope Scientific Development, and the problem has been solved, the source said.

Information and Communication Technology Minister Anudith Nakornthap yesterday denied a news report that he had forced the quality-check committee to approve the quality of the first batch so that the Chinese company could produce another 400,000 tablets and hand them over to the government by July 10, as stated in the contact.

“We cannot force any government officials appointed to work as the committee’s members to approve the tablets’ quality. They must judge the quality and specifications based on the terms of reference. Who would dare to do it wrongly and accept jail punishment just to please politicians? I myself have never forced them to do so.”

Previous news reports said the committee had not approved the first batch’s quality for three reasons: the drag-and-drop function was a problem when using the science subject application; the adapters have two prongs, instead of an additional one for a ground connection; and the panel had not received a document guaranteeing the level of radiation emission.

Anudith said only the committee itself could say whether it had signed off on quality approval.

On the adapter issue, he said the terms of reference did not specify the number of prongs, only that the adapters be suitable to the Thai electrical system.

He has not received any reports about a problem with the drag-and-drop function or the radiation-emission guarantee, he added.

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