Antiques missing from museum

national April 24, 2013 00:00

By Thanapon Saengthong
The Natio

Some 61 antiques have gone missing from the Chainatmuni National Museum in Chai Nat's Muang district. Their value is incalculable, according to the museum's chief.

Police suspect the thefts involved insiders because all the items were kept in a locked storage room and there were no signs of any break-ins. Moreover, a computer linked to the CCTV system had been damaged.

“Outsiders would not know that some antiques had been kept in a storage room. An exhibition board was put in front of the door to this locked room to hide it from public view,” Chai Nat police chief Maj-General Pawat Prommakrit said yesterday.

The museum’s chief Saneh Prakobthong lodged a complaint with police yesterday. She told police she entered the storage room last Saturday and noticed that a pair of 105-cm-long tusks was missing. She then cross-checked all items supposed to be in the storage room.

After two days of examination, it became clear that 61 priceless items were gone.

Pawat inspected the museum himself and vowed to track down the culprits. He said all staff at the museum including a former security guard who resigned in February would be summoned for questioning


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