Another arrest in Indonesian navy murders

national April 12, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

A Thai fishing trawler captain has been arrested in Beung Kan and confessed to having disposed of an AK-47 assault rifle that belonged to one of the two Indonesian naval officers killed by Thai fishermen last month.

Wichai Doungken, 41, was implicated by “Sor Nataya” trawler crew members for helping one suspect, Sorasit So-in, flee and for throwing the machine gun in the ocean.

Wichai is captain of the vessel “Sor Thongma”.

Thai authorities have seven Sor Nataya crewmembers including Sorasit in custody and are looking for the eighth suspect involved in the killing, the elusive Sor Nataya captain Opas Charoenporn.

Facing the charge of handling a stolen gun, Wichai told police he knew Opas and his crew as they had worked for years for the same company.

Affirming that he had nothing to do with the murders, Wichai said Sorasit – who had previously worked for him – phoned him to be picked up the Sor Nataya. Wichai said Sorasit had carried a heavy object in a sack.

Three days later, he said he learned that the sack contained the AK-47, so he disposed of it and returned to Thailand.

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