Another 25 Thais return from Libya

national August 11, 2014 16:29

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A group of 25 Thai workers on Monday arrived in Bangkok from Libya, bringing the number of Thai evacuees to 677.

Of the returnees, 462 were workers and 11 were students. The Thai evacuation started on August 2.

One of the group; Opas Buaprasert of Sukothai province, said he had worked in Libya for about 1 year and seven months and had about six months left on his contract of about six months. He will discuss his future action with the company that recruited him.

“I tell myself that I will not go to work in Libya or any other foreign countries again, as I was really scared for my safety and of what is happening in Libya,” he said. 
Opas is now thinking about working in construction or renting land to grow rice.