Alleged killer of MP's son surrenders

national August 31, 2012 00:00

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Nakhon Ratchasima - The man who allegedly shot dead an MP's son in a roadrage incident claimed Friday it was done in self-defence because he had been fired at first.


Mun Poolsup, a construction contractor, told the press at 11am that somebody inside the sport-utility vehicle driven by Farut Thaiseth had fired at him first, so he shot back three times. 
Mun surrendered to police on Thursday night and was presented to the media at the Provincial Police Bureau 3 Friday. Guarding the press conference were 30 heavily armed police commandos. 
On the night of August 20, Farut, son of Chat Thai Pattana Party MP Chada Thaiseth, was shot dead in his SUV during a family vacation at a resort in Khao Yai.
Mun explained that was alone in his pickup truck, driving from a construction site in Nakhon Ratchasima’s Pak Chong district.
He said he spotted the SUV ahead of him, so he flashed his front lights to signal that he wanted to overtake. However, after he overtook the SUV, its driver turned the high beam at him so he responded by turning on the spotlight in the rear of his truck. 
He said when his truck approached a curve, he heard gunshots and felt his vehicle being shot at several times. So he slowed down to let the SUV overtake him and then fired his 9mm pistol at it three times. 
Mun said he saw the SUV crash into an electricity pole so he sped away and got rid of his pistol at Ban Kanongphra village in Pak Chong.
He then said he tried to go undercover in Bangkok, but after reading media reports that an MP’s son had been killed in the incident, he decided to call Pol Colonel Phanu Buranasiri, deputy investigation chief of the Provincial Police Bureau 3, and offered to surrender. 

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