Airport Link needs urgent maintenance work: Samart

national August 17, 2014 01:00

By Pimnara Pradapwit
The Sunday

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Former deputy Bangkok governor Samart Ratchaponsit yesterday urged the State Railway of Thailand board to launch a bid for contractors to carry out a major maintenance project for the Airport Link.

Samart, who was also a Democrat MP, said a section of track near the Hua Mark Station was eroded and several metal springs pinning track at a curve between the Lat Krabang and Suvarnabhumi stations were in a bad condition.
He said that could pose a safety threat to passengers and train employees. 
Samart said he also urged the SRT, on July 19 and August 11, to do a thorough maintenance check of Airport Link trains when they reach the one million-kilometre mark in terms of distance travelled.
He said the board resolved last September to conduct a Bt300 million maintenance project and launch a bid for the work to be done but that never happened. 
Instead, the board is due to meet on Tuesday to hire  a company to carry out the work at a cost of Bt386 million.
Samart urged the board to organise a bid in order to have several strong choices and get the work done at an appropriate price.

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