Abused Karen girl to get official help in applying for Thai nationality

national February 14, 2013 00:00

By Thanissara Chaowaritroj
The N

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The Karen girl who was allegedly kidnapped, enslaved, tortured and scarred over half of her body by a couple in Kamphaeng Phet will be assisted in applying for Thai nationality, Rights and Liberties Protection Department chief Police Colonel Narat Sawetta

Visiting the 12-year-old at Kamphaeng Phet Home for Children and Families, he presented her with Bt30,000 in financial assistance, in accordance with the Compensation for Victims of Crime Act.

Narat said he was confident that the police would investigate the case seriously and ensure justice was done for all those involved.

He also said that as a Thai, he felt bad and apologised for what had happened to the girl, which was a serious human violation carried out by fellow Thais.

The department chief said that although the girl’s parents were illegal immigrants, he would consult with the Interior Ministry about the possibility of making this a special case and providing Thai nationality to the abused girl, so that she could be entitled to healthcare and educational benefits.