Abused Karen girl awarded Bt4.6m in damages

national July 02, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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KAMPHAENG PHET Court has awarded more than Bt4.6 million in compensation to an ethnic-Karen girl, identified only as Air, for the torture and cruelty inflicted upon her from the age of seven by her employers, the Human Rights and Development Foundation (H

The verdict on the civil lawsuit filed by Air’s custodian Mo Wateng on her behalf against Natee Taeng-on and Rattanakorn Piyawora-tham was issued on Monday.

The court ordered the two defendants collectively to award the plaintiff, who worked for them as a housemaid, Bt4,603,233 in damages including Bt303,233 for the medical expenses incurred at Bangkok’s Ramathibodhi Hospi-tal, Bt800,000 future medical-treatment expenses, Bt1 million to compensate for the inability to work for at least 50 years, and Bt700,000 for the loss of the ability to reproduce.

However, the exact amount the damaged parties will receive depends on the amount of assets owned by the employers.

The case emerged in 2009, when seven-year-old Air disappeared from the living quarters of her parents, who were migrant workers from Myanmar in a sugar-cane plantation in Kamphaeng Phet. On January 31, 2013, Air managed to escape from her captors and was later sheltered by some officers, HRDF said.

According to Air, she had been abducted by her parents’ former employers and had, since then, been forced to work as their maid.

The employers inflicted abuse causing serious injuries as well |as scalding her with boiling water.

The couple, who are also facing a separate criminal lawsuit, |have jumped bail and are still at large.



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