ATM 'power overload' may have killed toddler

national August 17, 2014 01:00

By The Sunday Nation

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Following the death of a toddler in Trang on Friday after a severe electric shock from touching a Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) ATM machine on August 7, a source yesterday said that initial police investigation detected power overload that would have made th

Police were awaiting the written report from a Trang electrical engineer following Friday’s inspection of the scene. The report should be ready by Monday. 
The source said police test of a nearby gas station’s electricity system, to which the machine was linked, detected a power overload after 6pm when all electric signs were turned on. The metal-body of the machine reportedly had 191.4 volts of power, the source said.
Meanwhile, Parichat “Nong Yok” Noopinit, aged 2, died on Friday morning at Trang Hospital after battling for her life for eight days. Her mother, Sukunya Noopinit, agreed to turn off the life-support machine that had kept her daughter alive, after doctors said her condition had not improved because of critical damage to the child’s brain and respiratory system. 
At the girl’s funeral, held at Wat Kuan Pho in Trang’s Yan Ta Khao district, the girl’s grandfather Somchok Khaokhong said the bank had provided Bt58,000 assistance money when the girl was in hospital and the bank executives would attend the funeral later last night. He said the bank must take appropriate responsibility for the girl’s death and he hoped police would ensure justice for the family.

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