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national June 28, 2014 00:00

By Kornchanok Raksaseri

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KFC Thailand's Facebook fan page administrator turns challenges into opportunity, gaining popularity by interacting with followers of the famous brand.

Someone posted: “I want to try the meat of the Alaskan chicken which died in the stomach of a mountain goat on Everest.” 
To which the administrator, whose identity hasn’t been revealed, replied: “Our fresh chickens are raised in a closed-system farm in Thailand. Bringing chickens from Alaska can heighten the cost and then the price. KFC wants our prices to be suitable for consumers, so we don’t import chicken meat.” 
People on social media responded by testing the administrator with funny or nasty questions. 
“Can I have free meals?” someone asked.
And the reply: “Right now we don’t have a free promotion. If there’s one, I’ll inform you on the page.” 
The popular “do you have peanuts?” gag, which is used to tease people, was also among the questions. 
The reply: “We have sugar peas in the tuna corn salad. The quality sugar peas come with tuna and fresh vegetables including corn, pineapple mixed with sweet rich mayonnaise. Please don’t forget to come by and taste it.” 
Another post: “What are the World Cup matches tonight? … Whom do you think will win?” 
Answer: “There are four matches tonight. I really don’t know who will win. But for your good, please don’t forget to order KFC delivery tonight so you can enjoy it while watching the matches.”
Another post: “I love mashed potato. I’ve eaten it since I was very young. If you have a bigger portion, I’ll buy it.” 
“Thank you for your recommendation. If you like, you can buy many bowls.” 
Post: “May I borrow your money to pay for a KFC meal? My salary hasn’t been paid yet.” 
“Sorry, my salary has not been paid, either.”
Post: “What should I do? I have secretly fallen in love with the KFC admin.” 
Response: “Please come and have KFC often, so we can love each other for a long time.” 
“I’m single,” someone else wrote. 
Answer: “KFC is happy to be your companion.” 
“I’m sleepy,” wrote another. 
And finally: “Please be considerate to the admin. Don’t send messages just for fun. Her hands must be tired already.” 
“For the customers’ happiness, I’m ok.” 
The administrator eventually asked followers to send their questions to KFC inbox, so that private messages could be reserved for customers to complain about the food or delivery service.
Social media users on Twitter use the hash tag #KFCthailand to reference this phenomenon.
@ohmmiena posted: “KFC page gains 31 million Likes!! This admin has contributed a lot to this. Many comments are similar, saying they went to have chicken because they like the nice admin #kfcthailand.” 
@fpniiniewz posted: “Once I checked out [the KFC fan page] then I feel hungry immediately. Excuse me, I’m running to buy KFC.” 
Some people teased KFC’s competitor McDonald’s, with a user posting this comment on McDonald’s Thai Fan page: “I feel sorry for Mc’s admin, you must be lonely. Maybe you can help KFC’s admin answer the questions.”
McDonald’s administrator responded by posting the lyrics of a Thai song: “Don’t let other people’s loneliness be mine.” 
When someone said the administrators could make a good couple, the McDonald’s administrator replied: “My love is huge, but I don’t show it.” 

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