A Thai woman arrested in Texas for murder-for-hire hit in Texas

national March 17, 2015 13:49

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A Thai woman and two Americans are in police custody for the death of a McKinney man found in his home in Texas.

The woman, Chansamorn Pokai, and her friend Stephen Brockway are charged with hiring Ronald Rosser to murder her husband, 66-year-old Richard Moore, two weeks ago.

The US media quoted police as saying that the couple had an unhealthy relationship, and officers had been to their home as recently as January to hear complaints that each had been unfaithful.

“This was not a healthy relationship,” explained Assistant McKinney Police Chief Randy Roland. “They’d had a lot of ongoing and off going strife.”

Investigators had made multiple calls to the couple’s home in recent months. “The latest call that we had was in January I believe of this year, and it was regarding infidelity. We have uncovered that both sides had accused each other of being unfaithful.”

Police said Chansamorn reported finding her husband alone in their home, located in the 8700 block of La Quinta Lane, with multiple gunshot wounds.
Detectives were later able to piece together the woman and Brockway hired Rosser with killing Moore and that the motive was money.
Police believed those marital problems led the murder.

“Part of our ongoing investigation to find out, was it a romantic relationship, how involved were they, when did that friendship start,” said Chief Roland.

Tuesday McKinney Police with the help of East Texas police departments and Texas Rangers arrested Ronald Rosser.
Also Tuesday, McKinney Police Department and Texas Rangers arrested Chansamorn and Brockway.
Rosser is currently being held on unrelated Federal Firearm charges in addition to the Capital Murder charge at the Gregg County Sheriff’s Office.
Chansamorn and Brockway are being held in the Colin County Jail.
All three suspects are charged with capital murder, and each is held on a $1 million bond.

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