4 Chinese, 25 Africans caught for crimes

national June 03, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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Immigration police yesterday announced the arrest of a Chinese couple who allegedly embezzled Bt40 million before fleeing to Thailand, where they have lain low for nine years.

The suspects, identified as Guan Hui Jong, 53, and Li Xiu Ling, 52, were arrested on Saturday in Thanyaburi in Pathum Thani province, according to the arrest warrant in Shanghai. 
Police found that the couple had embezzled some money from Hai Hang Tian Co to invest in the stock market in January 2003 but lost the money and were thus unable to return it to the company. In July 2004, the couple again embezzled 790,000 RMB from the company and fled to Malaysia, before escaping to Thailand and lived here in hiding for nine years, police said. Chinese police claim the couple caused 8 million RMB (Bt40 million) in total damage to the company.
Separately, two 30-year-old Chinese twin brothers Yhee Poh and Yhee Tao, who were wanted by Chinese authorities for trading in arms, were arrested on Sunday. The twins were implicated by Chinese Internet buyers, who were arrested earlier along with 55 guns and over 20,000 bullets. 
Meanwhile, police rounded up 25 African crime suspects last month – 22 men and three women. Four of these suspects allegedly carried fake passports; one allegedly possessed narcotics; 12 overstayed their visas, five allegedly lived illegally in Thailand; and two did not state their current addresses according to the 1979 Immigration Act, while another had his visa revoked. 

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