250 Rohingya men swim ashore in Satun

national September 12, 2013 00:00

By The Nation

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Some 250 Rohingya men aged 15-40 swam ashore in Satun's Thung Wa district yesterday morning after their boat was hit by a monsoon storm and their 15-day supply of food ran out.

Two of the Rohingya men were seriously ill and reportedly remained on the boat.

They were taken to a public park in Tambon Khon Khlan, where locals provided them with food and basic medicines, while police and district officials conducted an inspection. An initial probe found that the men left Myanmar in the boat on August 26 bound for Malaysia. Nine days later, their supply of food and water ran out, while the boat was hit by monsoon weather, causing them to drift off course. The Rohingya told police that two men died during the journey and the bodies were buried at sea. After they spotted the coast of Satun they swam to shore to survive. The migrants were kept at the park, pending further action by Internal Security Operations Command officials.


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