2 men killed carrying home-made bomb

national March 31, 2014 00:00

By The Nation

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Min Buri police are looking into a mysterious home-made bomb explosion on Saturday night that killed two men who were carrying it on a motorcycle while travelling in the Bangkok district. In what may be a related development, police later found two home-

Explosives Ordnance Disposal (EOD) members disposed of both bombs at a location near where they were found, before noon yesterday, while police searched for owners of the motorcycle or those who parked it

The bombs were found by the road underneath a red and black Honda Click without a licence plate

News reports identified the dead men as Bunluen Pinta, 41, a Phrae resident, and Kriangkrai Sin-amnuay, 50, a Khon Kaen native Their shattered motorcycle, a black and gold Honda Scooby I, had no licence plate

An EOD commander speculated that the two incidents were possibly related

Pol Colonel Kamthorn Uicharoen said that police searched a house where the two men were seen leaving and found two pipe bombs, the same kind that exploded and killed them

In addition, they found six empty gas cylinders and a gallon of fuel in a plastic container

Kamthorn said the two dead men were possibly carrying one pipe bomb and it accidentally went off after the bike hit a pothole

He said it was the first time a pipe bomb with a diameter size greater than one inch – a technique employed by insurgents in the far South – was found assembled in Bangkok

If the men and other people were involved in a bomb-making operation, they should be divided into three teams – the bomb assembly team, the detonator assembly team, and the team that plants the bombs

Kamthorn said further inspections were needed at the home for future visits by senior authorities

The inspection at the home after the explosion on Saturday night were delayed after police found a Yamaha Fino motorcycle and a Sukuzi motorcycle at the house, because police examined them for booby traps, but they were not

Quoting witnesses who saw the two dead men before the explosion, a police source said that they may have arrived at the home together in a white van with the numbers 744 on the licence plate to pick up the explosives possibly for use elsewhere

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