2 held for extortion

national June 20, 2012 00:00

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A Bangkok policeman and an accomplice have been arrested for allegedly extorting Bt8,000 from a Thai-Indian man, police announced at a news conference early yesterday.


Police Snr Sgt-Major Wattana Changsab, from Pracha Cheun precinct, and Arthit Asunee Na Ayutthaya were nabbed along with Bt8,000 they allegedly got from Sirikan Divali, 45, along with a loaded pistol and a police motorcycle.
Sirikan, after collecting debts from others, was allegedly robbed by the duo at Soi Lat Phrao 106 and clubbed on his helmeted head. As a 191 police patrol passed by, Sirikan hit Arthit’s face, before the duo fled. Sirikan chased the pair until their motorbike rammed into a stall and police arrested them.
Sirikan said Wattana had taken some Bt30,000 in cash from him in front of Big C at Lat Phrao mall last year, so he filed a complaint at Chokechai police station.
The duo confessed to committing robberies at various places, each time targeting Indians, who they assumed would not file a police complaint. They claimed they needed money to pay football-betting debts, police said.
Two slain in Narathiwat
A gunman shot dead two officials of the Bang Por Tambon Administrative Organisation in Narathiwat town yesterday. Killed were Nuannoi Boksawas, 42, and Ekkachai Jankaeo, 25.
Witnesses said a gunman riding pillion on a motorcycle shot both victims while they were on their way back home. Nuannoi and Ekkachai left their workplace on a motorcycle.
The gunman took a gun off Ekkachai’s body before fleeing the scene with his accomplice. 
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