18-car accident kills three and injures 20 in Saraburi

national March 28, 2012 00:00

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An accident involving 18 cars on Mittaparb Road in Saraburi province on Wednesday killed three and injured some 20 others, police said.

The accident took place in front of TPI cement factory on the inbound road in Kaeng Khoi district at about 1.30am.

According to police, the trailer of a speeding truck became loose from its coupling causing it to accidentally disconnect. The cars following were unable to stop and slammed into the trailer. 
A total of 18 vehicles including pickups and minivans were involved in the tragic accident. Three were killed instantly while the 20 injured were sent to Kaeng Khoi and Saraburi Hospitals.
Police had to seal off the road to facilitate the transfer of the victims and the injured. 

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