Where Sizzler's salad grew up

Art November 30, 2012 00:00

By Ekkarat Sukpetch
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The restaurant chain pays homage to the Royal Project in Chiang Mai


Recently Sizzler celebrated its 20 years in Thailand with a trip to Royal Agricultural Station Angkhang in Chiang Mai, where the eatery gets the quality, fresh ingredients for its renowned salad bar and signature dishes. 
“Thai Sizzler started in Chiang Mai, where we sourced local ingredients from the Royal Project,” says Nongchanok Stananonth, assistant vice president, Group Marketing “We’ve always found the Royal Project’s produce to be of very high standard. We started with just a few varieties of veg for our salad bar, but soon all our greens were coming from the Royal Project. Then we began thinking about expanding to Bangkok, but of course not every vegetable variety will stay fresh on the journey to the capital. Currently, we use 25 varieties from the Royal Project, which is half of all the vegetables we offer. You can find beefsteak tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, green oak, red oak and fillie iceberg, baby cos lettuce, parsley, beetroot, green and purple cabbage and carrots from the Royal Project in our salad bars in all 50 restaurants nationwide.”
The veg available varies according to the season, adds product specialist manager Kanchit Chattrakul. “From December to March, we are treating our patrons with sugar snap peas, which are like their green cousins but much sweeter. And they are delicious fresh. We bring in more options depending on the season, but we get Japanese pumpkins and baby cos all year round.” 
Sizzler is in the process of adding rocket, spinach and celery to boost the variety of flavours at its already brimming salad bar. 
Carnivores are being treated too, with the restaurant chain now serving sturgeon. And because the fish have to be fully grown and mature to produce good-quality caviar, the sturgeon steak at Sizzler is guaranteed to be hearty, succulent and full of nutrition. Sturgeon is traditionally a fish served on special occasions, so it should be a treat indeed.
To celebrate the coming Father’s Day, Sizzler is serving grilled rainbow trout with lemon and dill sauce, starting from tomorrow. Dad might like to know that the trout, also from the Royal Project, is packed with omega-3 oil, which helps fight excessive cholesterol. And because trout are active fish that like cold, clean water, the flesh is typically firm yet tender and sweet – a perfect combination for steak. Land one on your plate until Wednesday at any Sizzlers.