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Art May 19, 2013 00:00

By The Nation on Sunday

From Peru to Bangkok

German photographer and archaeologist Maria Reiche’s images and models of Peru’s mysterious Nazca Lines are on display at the Emporium until Wednesday.

The Peruvian Embassy invites you to puzzle over the immense patterns – geometric shapes, plants, spiders, monkeys, dogs and flying creatures – etched into the desert by the Nazca people between 100 BC and 700 AD.
One observer famously speculated that they were proof of extraterrestrial visitors to earth, but that only derides the Nazca, who were skilled potters as well. The exhibition includes earthen plates, bowls and pots decorated in the same way, in a dozen different colours.
Always be prepared
Born out of concern that the Japanese are all too frequently inconvenienced by natural disasters, the Seiko Camping Clock has its own hand-cranked rechargeable dynamo – no electricity source needed. 
As well as telling the time, the alarm clock is packed with other features – a calendar, an orange screen back-light, FM radio, a torch light, a headphones socket and a USB port where you can charge your other gadgets. It costs Bt2,600 at Seiko counters in department stores. 
Wisut is walking
Illustrator Wisut Ponnimit has collaborated with footwear brand Mywarisa to create a collection of eye-candy shoes featuring his adorable cartoon character Nong Mamuang, aka Mango Girl, for the Selected store on the third floor of Siam Center. The Nong Mamuang appears on ladies’ flats in multiple prints and as a single print on canvas shoes. 
Mywarisa has also launched its first collection for men – canvas sneakers with prints and embroidery – but they’re only available until August 31. Get the details at (02) 687 5000, extension 364.
Birds gone postal
Created by the Finnish gaming company Rovio, “Angry Birds” first appeared on Apple products in late 2009, selling more than 12 million copies. Factor in the other mobile-phone and tablet-computer platforms, and it adds up to more than a billion, making “Angry Birds” the most popular mobile application. 
Now they’ve conquered the mail, with Australia Post offering a stamp collection of 20 different angry birds. In Thailand you can find them at the House of Stamps. Call (02) 652 2220.