Well, it's nice to be missed

Art June 23, 2012 00:00

By The Nation
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TV host Woody Milintajinda loves to travel, but he says a three-week trip is stretching things a bit.


He recently flew to Germany to tape an interview for his show with Itthipat Kulapong, who owns a business in Hamburg called Tao Kae Noi (Little Millionaire). 
Despite having family in Berlin with whom he could spend some quality time, homesickness soon set in. “Can’t wait to fly back,” he tweeted. “Thailand I miss u bad.” 
Of course he was also missing out on hosting his weekday morning show “Chaodoowoody”, which had Jansuda Panto and a guest sitting in for him. 
Just the same, the interview went well, Woody reports, including various activities with Itthipat, and he succeeded in discovering how to become a millionaire. Tune in to Modernine on Sunday at 10.30pm and find out.
King of heights
It’s often been said that getting to the top is easier than staying at the top. Singer Thongchai “Bird” McIntyre can attest to that from his lofty superstar heights. 
Siam Dara on Wednesday proclaimed Bird the country’s most popular star and most popular male singer, and on accepting the awards Bird said they’re recognition for how far he’s come with his fans. “They still love me,” he said, adding with a laugh, “I don’t have any advice for the younger generation – I’d just better do good to stay the champion.”
Bird reckons the secret to remaining popular is taking care of the fans and being a sweetie, his strategy for 25 years.
Asked about speculation that Sukrit “Bie” Wisetkaew is poised to take over as Thailand’s favourite crooner, Bird said it’s pointless to argue since they’re brothers, members of the same GMM Grammy family. He’d be happy to see Bie get the same awards, he joked, but they’re his for now. “Sorry, brother!”
Contrary to a notice on the British Embassy website, Mark Kent will become the new ambassador to Thailand in mid-August, not in July as mentioned in this column on Friday.