Welcome, Ken: A star is burned

Art January 17, 2012 00:00

By The Nation

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Fame comes at a cost, as Phupoom "Ken" Pongpanu is finding out since he became a rising star at Channel 3 in the just-ended series "Saam Num Nua Thong".


The gossip blender was set to “puree” and Ken turned into an anti-social football gambler. He pleaded guilty to the first part of the charge but begged the opinion-court’s mercy, saying his social skills have improved. 
“I hardly knew anyone on the set and never mingled, but as time passed I got talking and grew close to everyone, including the cameramen!” 
As for gambling, Ken said he’s a football fanatic – a “die-hard fan of Manchester United who never misses a match” – but he doesn’t “invest”.
Ken’s learning: You work hard, you become a star, and then you spend all your spare time setting the record straight.
Fate and folly
Actors Shahkrit Yamnarm and Wiritipa “Woonsen” Pakdeeprason are indeed going ahead with their planned wedding, but that’s not to say they’re totally ignoring the fortune-tellers who’ve predicted that marriage will ruin their romance.
The couple will be married on April 21 at the Plaza Athenee Hotel, with Woonsen wielding a three-carat diamond ring and a dowry of undisclosed proportions. 
She’s preparing four outfits – for the preliminary press conference, the engagement party, the wedding ceremony and the party afterward. Friends are dressing her for the press and the after-bash and professional designers are working on the main events.
As for their love nest, that’s taken care of too, Shahkrit says. “I’ve bought a condominium and we’ll move in there. I didn’t think a house was a good idea after all the flooding.” 
Okay, so what about the astrologers’ forecast that the planets would frown on a wedding and they’re better off as just boyfriend and girlfriend? 
“We take it lightly,” he says. “In fact, the astrologers also said we should do lots of good deeds to make merit, which is exactly what we’ve been doing all along, so it’s got to be good!”