Violence is kid's stuff for Jackie

Art January 12, 2013 00:00

By The Nation
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Jackie Chan beats people up in his movies - but usually in a funny way.

He does family films, and he wants the kids to get a kick out of them as much as the villains on the receiving end of his boots. In Thailand for the opening of his latest flick “Chinese Zodiac”, the Hong Kong superstar was on Channel 7 affirming that his movies have to be kid-friendly, “as much as possible”. There might be punch-ups and gunfights, but nothing gets explicit. “Mostly I concentrate on the stunts and the martial arts.”

Nor is there any racial discrimination, he pointed out. “When it comes to the bad guys, a lot of Hollywood films like to cast black or Asian people. In my films, people of any nationality can be the bad guys.” The point is that there are bad guys everywhere, but you probably knew that already.
Love is a load
Bongkot “Tak” Kongmalai is strutting around with a new Louis Vuitton bag, but it’s not a matter of “upgrading” herself ready to become the bride of millionaire boonchai Bencharongkul. In fact, he bought it for her as a New Year’s present. 
“I’ve never bought an LV bag. My mum wouldn’t let me!” she says. So Boonchai bought her one in Japan – for Bt100,000, but that’s okay, he told her, because it was a special occasion. 
“It looks great and I use it every day. Well, if my boyfriend bought for me, it has to be great,” she says. She posted her photo with the bag on Instagram, but anyone viewing it might have wondered if something was askew in her relationship. 
Love, she commented alongside the photo, isn’t always a rosy path. What was that about? “Nothing much. It was just that, at particular moment, I didn’t have anyone to talk to and I wrote that.” That’s nothing much of an explanation either, but Tak insists that her love life remains “very much sweet”.
We shall, of course, stay tuned.