Undead Noon gets a Fresh Box

Art June 18, 2012 00:00

By The Nation

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Playing Phee E-Pang - one of our more popular ghosts - on the Channel 3 prime-time soap "Buang" proved to be a career highlight for Siripan "Noon" Wattanajinda.

Obviously she’ll want to consolidate her success by leveraging the spook shtick into a lifelong brand, starting right away with a big horror movie.

Of course not – Noon’s got better things to do. “My time is now occupied with my new business,” she says in the latest issue of Dichan magazine, whose cover she graces, looking not at all undead. “I’ll have to wait for a while before I return to the small screen.”

The new business is the health-minded restaurant Fresh Box in Salaya, Nakhon Pathom. Noon designed everything with help from her boyfriend Pipat “Top” Apiruktanakorn.

She’s a little worried that getting the restaurant going is wearing her out. “I hardly have time to eat. Sometimes I don’t have dinner until midnight!”

Perfect! She’ll be ready for the next ghost role.

It’s Kor-Reya!

“Reya: The Musical” will soon spin from the pen of “Dok Som Si Thong” author Taitao Sucharitkul onto the stage in a production by Nation Multimedia’s Mango TV, starring Araya “Chompoo” Hargate, the original television Reya.

Then, it’s South Korea’s turn.

Anocha Panupan, managing director of Broadcast Thai Television Co, which produced the Thai soap version of “Dok Som Si Thong”, says a Seoul TV production firm has “shown interest” in acquiring the rights for a Korean version.

Anocha says it’s still early days and she’s not even sure yet whether they want the TV script or Taitao’s novel. She’s meeting the Koreans at an industry function in Tokyo.

“For now I’m just proud that one of our productions has interested the Koreans,” she adds, and many other Thais are pretty pleased too, especially fans of Korean television, who’ve already begun making wish lists about which actors should get which roles.

If there’s a Korean Reya series, of course, you can count on it being imported and aired in Thailand.