music September 03, 2016 01:00


Songs-for-live veterans Carabao celebrates 35 years of music at Impact Arena

FANS OF all ages packed into Impact Arena, Muang Thong Thani last Saturday night as Thailand’s best-known songs-for-life band Carabao celebrated 35 years of music with a marathon concert that saw them performing 39 songs spanning their entire career in the company of numerous guest artists.

Carabao has enjoyed something of a surge in popularity in recent months following the screening of the 11-episode “Banthuek Wai Nai Pathapee 35 Pee Carabao The Series”, a chronology of the band from its formation to the present day, on True4U.

The arena was decked out with a gigantic Carabao logo above the stage and the applause was thunderous as all Carabao members appeared on stage, and Yuenyong “Ad” Ophakul opened the show with “Waniphok” without any musical support. Preecha “Lek” Chanapai soon came in with the remarkable guitar lead to the much-loved hit and the full band followed. Audience members were up on their feet from the word go, dancing and singing along as loudly as they could, as well as forming the traditional buffalo horns with their hands.

Carabao continued with a series of fast-paced tracks including as “3 Cha Carabao”, “Khon Lar Fun”, “Khon Nang Niew”, “Long Wat”, “Welcome to Thailand”, and “Samakkee Prathet Thai”, before slowing down proceedings with “Raeng Khoi”, “Khon Kep Fuen” sung by Lek, “Mae Sai” sung by Thierry and “Kancha”.

“These days the, ‘nok e-raeng’ (vulture) is only an ideal. You can see the birds at the zoo,” said Ad Carabao.

“We don’t play music for money but want to see the smiles of everyone,” Lek added.

That set turned out to be just the overture with the band quickly segueing into the second part of the show, welcoming original members Kirati “Khieo” Phromsakha na Sakon Nakhon, Amnart “Pao” Lukjan, and Thanis Sriklindee to the stage for “Made in Thailand”, the title track of Carabao’s 1984 album that sold more than five million copies. They followed up with such classics as “Sanya Na Fon” and “Duean Phen” and finished with “35 Years Carabao”, a new song written by Lek, who afterwards told the crowd that it was about the life of Carabao.

“Carabao gave me a life,” added Khieo Carabao.

The third part saw the main Carabao members jamming with the young generation. Thierry performed “Mahalaiu” alongside The Windows, a band formed by his kids. Lek Carabao joined the Richman Toy in “Jub Kang”, Od Carabao played with Polycat on “Krathang Dokmai Hai Khun” and Ad Carabao with Skypass on “Yai Sam-ang”. All four young outfits offered their own take on the Carabao classics, with Skypass receiving the loudest applause.

The next segment was reserved for the band’s guests. They included Surachai “Nga Caravan” Chanthimathorn, who came out on stage to loud applause and screams to perform “Surachai 3 Chai”, which Ad Carabao wrote for him. Before leaving from the stage, Nga read his self-penned poem for Carabao. Phongthep “Moo” Kradoncham-narn, now recovering after a bout of ill health, tried to sing “Thalay Jai” and was helped out by the audience. Rocker Sek LoSo was next out with “Shan State” and “Sa-Udon”, as Pongsit “Poo” Khampee and guitarist Laem Morrison performed “Luk Hin” and “Luk Kaew”. They all returned to the stage to sing “Phu Pid Thong Lang Phra”, Carabao’s iconic tribute to His Majesty the King, as the audience waved yellow flags and a gigantic Thai flag floated in the air above the heads of the audience.

The concert came to an end |with a 14-song set including |“Chao Tak”, “Tub Lang”, “Bang Rajan Wan Pen”, “Nang Ngarm Too Krajok”, “Khon Jon Phu Ying Yai” and “Bua Loy.”