Top ten Search in Google Zeitgeist week of 9-15 June, 2012

lifestyle June 18, 2012 00:00

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1.Kik Varunee...'Kik Varunee' a southern Thai has become a household name following her powerful performance on Thailand's Got Talent 2012 singing "What Going on"

2. Euro 2012 score 

Thai football fans follow Euro 2012 match results closely and cheer for their favourites

3. Euro 2012 table

 Thai football fans analyse Euro 2012 matches and discuss their teams progress across each group’s table

4. Venus

 The natural phenomenon of Venus orbiting the Sun on June 6 attracted a huge crowd as this once in a 100 years event captivated star gazers

5. Manny Pacquiao 

Manny Pacquiao’s defeat by a no-name American boxer by unanimous vote has drawn criticism

6. police admission Police examinations are hot news after Chuwit Kamolvisit, member of parliament from the Love Thailand party, revealed inside information leading to arrests for illegal activities in police exams

7. Soap Opera: Boung

Chanel 3 fans followed the final adventures of “E-Pang” ghost in the famous soap opera “ Boung’ which tops viewer ratings this week

8. Soap Opera: Marnya Rissaya 

New soap opera “Marnya Rissaya” on Channel 5, shines the spotlight on two rising female stars “Bee Namthip” and “Pinky Savika” together with “Navin Tar” in the lead male role

9. Koy Ratchawin 

Thai famous actress “Koy Ratchawin” sent the online community buzzing when private photos were leaked online

10. Sunthorn Phu

 Thai students search for Thailand’s best-known royal poet, Sunthorn Phu, who celebrated his auspicious birth this month.