Top ten Search in Google Zeitgeist week of 19-25 May, 2012

lifestyle June 06, 2012 00:00

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Por's wedding event Jet-Sets paraded to the wedding reception of "Por-Ae" which was created in Thai classic fun-fair.

2. bob moog A doodle from Google on 23 May featuring an electronic musical instrument inspired internet users to search more about him and his creations.

3. Funeral of “Hnui Chern Yim” 

People in Show Biz gathered at the funeral of “Kerdpong Promboot” or “Hnui Chern Yim” who pass away from cancer.  

4. Solder’s clip 

Army chief said that a growing scandal over a three-year-old viral video clip involving a group of soldiers having sex with a woman was not rape and may not even be illegal.

5. dealfish 

A new channel of notices, news and online commerce for sellers and buyers to offer and decide for most attractive deals.

6. utq online 

The upgrading teachers qualification through the whole system by E-Learning that was interest from many education institutes

7. Kerd-Pen-Hong 

Ch7’s fan clubs follow story of “Kerd-Pen-Hong” that have lead acting by “Tle-Thanapol” and “Kwan-Usamanee”

8. volleyball 

Great disappointment of Thais after the match between Japan and Surbia that led Thai team missed the chance to the 2012 Olympic in London.

9. diablo 3 

Excitement was over when “Diablo 3” a RPG online game was finally available for Thai gamers which has made incredible total downloaded in the first 3-day. 

10. Visakha Puja Day

 Buddhists worldwide celebrate the 2,600th anniversary this year, or BE2555, particularly on Visakha Puja Day, given that Lord Buddha, reached Nirvana on this lunar occasion, and announced and taught Dharma, 45 years before he passed away, at 80. BE1 began one year after his passing.