Top ten Search in Google Zeitgeist week of 18-24 August, 2012

lifestyle August 27, 2012 00:00

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1. slender man....A famous thriller series depicting a mythical creature who hunts children as a tall, thin figure wearing a black suit with a blank face and mustache has become the latest game available for download on Android.

2.    Chado Fish    

Nakhon Ratchasima villagers panic at the discovery of a giant fish with many claiming the fish has supernatural powers. The Korat Fisheries Office confirmed the fish to be a chado species.

3.    Soap Opera: Hong-Sa-Bad-Lai    

Thai fans are obsessed with the story of Hong-Sa-Bad-Lai,the love, the loss and the revenge, live on Channel 3.

4.    miss world 2012    

Miss China, Yu Wenxia, won the 2012 Miss World crown, defeating more than 100 hopefuls including Miss Thailand World, however the victory is not without controversy as fans question if the committee decision was fair

5.    gangnam style    

YouTube’s #1 techno-dance music video starring K-Pop sensation, Psy, and his signature ‘Gangnam Style’ moves is taking over the world

6.    Buakaw    

“Bua Kaw” a well-known Thai Boxer is back with great victory after his knock-out defeat of French champion boxer at "Thai Fight King Of Muay Thai" in London

7.    counter strike online  

 A tactical first-person shooting game "counter strike" has opened up a national competition to find Thailand's representative at the "World Cyber Game 2012 (WCG2012) competition in China.

8.    the expendables 2  

 ‘The Expendables 2’ starring Sylvester Stallone and his beefy buddies, including Thai stuntman, has muscled its way to the top debuting at number one taking 862 million baht at the  box office over opening weekend.

9.    line bb  

 NHN Japan has launched the BlackBerry version of its smartphone app

dubbed ‘Line’. It is currently used in over 230 countries with the total number of active users exceeding 54 million worldwide.

10.    yes or no  

 In 2010, Thai audiences were introduced Yes Or No movies, the film took another step by being the first openly lesbian film. Now, It's come back again in version 2, waiting Thai audiences to know more about other love angles.