Top ten Search in Google Zeitgeist week of 14-20 July, 2012

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1. klimt ..... Google doodle celebrates the 150th birth day of Gustav Klimt, a well-known Austrian painter whose work is now counted among the most expensive artworks in the world today.

2.    Friday 13th

    Thailand’s democratic history made a new chapter when The Constitution Court on Friday 13th July, ruled to drop the five complaints against charter amendments.  The court ruled that that the amendments were constitutional and the complainants were only speculating that amendments would lead to the overthrowing of the Constitutional Monarchy.

3.    gifboom

    A new photo-app that claims the easiest way to share your life in motion through a series of moving pictures. The app is now available for i-phone and android users to download and experience the funs.  

4.    OCSC 2012

    The office of civil services commission announced the 2012’s admissions date and locations.  Civil Servant or Government Officer job is perceived by Thais a safe and secure employment and especially the promised minimum salary of Bt15,000 per month for graduates, civil servants might be enjoying it since the government is going ahead with the plan.

5.    sword art online

    Sword Art Online is a Japanese light novel series and has been adapted into three mangas, an anime adaptation and recently a video game debut to online gamers worldwide.

6.    World Boxing

    Boxing games share common interests among Thais from the national popular Thai boxing matches to the world championship matches.  Thai boxing fans follow movement of fights happening around the world and recently the controversial match of Buakhao whose fight created massive argument.  

7.    Legal Execution Department     

The Legal Execution Department announced a national 2nd-handed property pricing index which to be used in the future with the confiscated property.  

8.    Rattan ball  

 The competition of Thailand amendment League is still furiously for finding the strong team to be the championship.

9.    manager online    

A popular online news site with variety of stories that people continue to search news online.

10.    pantip cafe  

 Top hit webboard and the area that gathering all popular posts of various circles is still gain popularity continuously.