Top ten Search in Google Zeitgeist week of 12-18 May, 2012

lifestyle May 21, 2012 00:00

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1.News today-----The internet continues to play an important role in connecting a new generation of Thais with up to date news and views

2. Movie rate R 

Recent R rated clips released online have sparked a rise in searches for  R rated movies

3. Find friends 

Thais love to connect and find new friends and are always seeking new tools to help them expand their online community and social network

4. Thairath 

Leading online news service remains popular as Thais go online to find news and views from around the country

5. siambrandname 

Popular website for women who love to shop and love their brand names

6. Asura 

100% Thai designed and developed online action game, Asura, is now available to everyone for free

7. Thailand Post 

Thailand Post launched a 25 strong fleet of cars to provide mobile services by increasing service points and expanding their logistic base

8. ensogo 

Ensogo, a Living Social company in Thailand, offers special discount deals of up to 50% for shop-a-holics

9. Chevrolet 

Chevrolet Thailand sales have increased by 111% reflecting the strong economic recovery underway in Thailand 

10. TV Program: Tee Tai Krua

 Popular TV program “Tee Tai Krua” on Channel 3 released aspecial video capturing the wedding of celebrities Songran & Aff to the delight of fans