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music November 02, 2013 00:00

By BudsarakhamSinlapalavan
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Lek Greasy Cafe invites fans to take a break on their journeys through life and join him for his first solo show next month

He’s been in the music business for 12 years and has appeared in more concerts than he can remember but only now is ApichaiTragoolpadetgrai aka Lek Greasy Cafe staging a show of his very own. 
The singer, who’s known and loved for his soft folk-rock, husky vocals and emotive, self-penned lyrics, has thought the concert out to the last details and says it can really be summed up in three words: exploration, inspiration and connection. “By exploration, I mean that people usually search for something in my songs. When they find it, they are inspired and thus there is a connection between me and my listeners, he explains.
The show, dubbed “Until Tomorrow” after his latest album, takes place on December 1 and will also feature an exhibition of photos snapped by his biggest fan who has followed him from the start of his journey, along with a creativity zone-cum-workshop zone and an exploration zone, where fans can lie down and listen to the sounds of their private forest.
Finding the right venue has been important too, with Lek finally deciding on the Jarun Buroparat Sport Field on Rama IX near the Makkasan airport link.
“At first, I thought about organising this concert out of town but I really didn’t want to inconvenience my fans by forcing them to go outside Bangkok. My second choice was to stage it in the studio and hold the activities outside but that kind of fell through,” he says.
“So I decided on a park or field somewhere only to find that most parks don’t allow alcohol so that was out too. Then someone suggested the Jarun Buroparat Sport Field. I checked it out and it was perfect.” 
Lek, who made his acting debut actor in Kongdej Jaturanrasamee’s P-047, entered the music business back in 2001 by cutting a track for the indie compilation “Smallroom 001” and was also featured later that year on “Smallroom 002”. His first solo full-length album “Sing Loa Nee” (“All These Things”) was released in 2008. 
He describes his songs as a journey and “Until Tomorrow” as a caravan, saying that his fans have been following the caravan since his debut and that the upcoming concert will be like a break on the journey, a place where the audience can eat, drink and sing,
But even the best songwriters occasionally need a longer time-out on their journeys and Lek is no exception, at one stage heading to London to study English photography and returning home to start a career as a fashion photographer. 
The past two years have been full of accolades for the singer, who picked up two awards in 2013 from Kom Chad Luek alone for Best Male Solo Artist and Best Song. As yet unsure as to where the next steps on his musical journey will take him, Lek is however positive about holding an exhibition of his photography next year at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre.
“I’d also like to come up a special project to thank my fans for their support,” he says.
Lek on stage
_ “Until Tomorrow” takes place at Jarun Buroparat Sport Field on Rama IX on December 1 starting at 4pm.
_ Tickets costing Bt1,000 are on sale at Thai Ticket Major outlets and online at