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movie & TV April 14, 2012 00:00

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Pop singer Rihanna makes her debut as a movie actress in "Battleship", playing US Navy Lt Cora "Weps" Raikes. Let her tell you more about the experience.


Why did you choose “Battleship” for your first experience in cinema?
To be honest, “Battleship” kind of chose me! When I went to meet Pete Berg I didn’t know what I was really getting into. After I saw Pete’s enthusiasm and how much he believed in the project I was immediately interested.
And when I read the script I understood the integrity of the film and I wanted to be a part of something like that.
Is acting something you were excited?
Yes, I wanted to get my feet wet. It’s something I’m serious about. It’s a whole new world that I want to grow in. I didn’t know if I would like it, but I love it!
I didn’t know what to expect. I came to Hawaii with a really open mind and ready to be fearless. I didn’t understand how big the film was until I arrived on set.
Tell us about your character, Lt Raikes.
Raikes is a badass. She’s a weapons specialist who doesn’t take it from anybody. She loves her craft. She cares about protecting herself and everyone on her ship.
I like her confidence and her focus on her job. I love that she’s so die-hard loyal to her team. Those are qualities I believe in. So, in a way, this character could also help me in my real life. Raikes is amazing!
How did you prepare for the role?
To be Raikes I had to get rid of everything that was Rihanna. I had to learn many things. I pretty much got thrown into it. I love adventure and spontaneity, so I enjoyed getting in there and doing something I don’t get to do every day. I was firing weapons my first day on set. I was drilled as if I was really being recruited. 
At first I didn’t see why I had to be yelled at so much by this instructor, but then I understood how it helped bring me out of my usual comfort zone and of thinking like Rihanna.
Did you meet anyone in real life who does what Lt Raikes does?
Yes, I met the equivalent to Lt Raikes. She’s a tough weapons specialist and she’s very beautiful. Meeting her and seeing how she moves, works and focuses on her job really helped me understand my character.
What’s Berg like?
Peter is fantastic. He’s a genius. He’s been on this side of the camera, so he understands what goes through our minds and knows how to get the best out of everyone. He creates a comfortable environment on set, so you enjoy working with him. 
He’s very spontaneous and likes to throw things your way. I love working like that. There is a thrill in not knowing what’s going to happen and having to go with it.
You visited the USS Missouri, the ship on which World War II ended.
It is such a legendary and beautiful place to shoot a movie. I’ve been experiencing some great things doing this film. It’s very special to be in Hawaii on the Missouri and see things you’ve read about in history books. 
How would you compare performing in a film with doing your music onstage?
It’s like night and day, a whole new ball game. They are two different worlds. Working on a movie isn’t even close to shooting a music video. 
Being onstage is something that I’m more comfortable with. Acting is another world that I want to get into. It’s a priority for me and I’m excited to see where I will go in this industry.
What about acting appeals to you?
I want to play a character and step into somebody else’s shoes. 
I’ve always watched and loved movies, but now that I’m learning about acting I look at films in a completely different way. I can’t wait to see “Battleship”.