They love Thep in Berlin too

Art February 19, 2013 00:00

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Hearts were broken (well, at least bruised) when it turned out that Petthai “Mum” Wongkamlao wouldn’t be the first Thai comedian to “go Hollywood” after all. But one of our veteran jokesters, Suthep “Thep” Pho-gnarm, has done us proud anyway. 
“The Rocket” (“Bungfai”), a Bt1.9-million movie directed by Australian Kam Mordaunt and starring Thep, Sitthiphol Desamer, 10, and Lao girl Loungnam Kaosainam, scored two awards at the Berlin International Film Festival. It was voted Best First Feature and Best Feature in the children’s-focused Generation Kplus segment of the festival. 
And this isn’t the first time Thep has had a hand on a foreign award – he earned an audience-favourite prize at the 2011 Shanghai film fest for his role in “Friday Killer”.
In “The Rocket”, Thep plays an ex-soldier named Muang because of his purple suits who has a fetish for James Brown. Young Sitthiphol has also done several TV commercials and appeared in Channel 3’s “Luang Ta Mahachon” series. 
The movie was shot in Thailand and Laos, but we’ll have to wait a little longer to see if it will be screened here, if not in a mainstream cinema then perhaps at a film festival.
Too popular
Still on the trail of yuks, funnyman Udom “Nose” Taepanich got a surprise after arranging for tickets to his upcoming “Diew 10” series of stand-up shows to be sold at 7-Eleven and Counter Service outlets to ensure that everybody got a chance at one. No more long queues, he figured.
Just shows what Nose knows – demand was so huge that Counter Service completely broke down before the first day of sales was even half over. So Nose is looking for another, “smoother” outlet, and in the meantime apologising to his fans via Facebook, where his following numbers around 1.1 million. He goes by a different spelling there – “Deaw9”. 
“I am solely responsible for the mistakes and I’ll take all rants and grunts to improve the ticket sales next time,” he said on his Facebook page.