The way to stay 'forever young'

Art March 03, 2016 01:00


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Women at varying stages of life share their tips for looking beautiful all the time

WOMEN AT DIFFERENT ages have different concerns, each requiring its own health regimen, and Dr Thidakarn Rujipattanakul says the chief concern at any stage should be oxidants – the toxins that cause signs of premature ageing in the skin.

Thidakarn, accredited by the American Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine, participated in the recent panel discussion “Bio-Life: Be Forever Young”.

“The trend today is taking care of yourself from inside out,” she said. “The wrinkles that multiply as we get older – the loss of elasticity – is a sign from the inside that we’re ageing, and it’s due to oxidants. To eliminate them we should get enough sleep, avoid sweets and fried food and eat more anti-oxidant foods, such as vegetables, fruit, green tea and tofu.

“Dietary supplements, like Astaxanthin, Astaxanthin Plus Vitamine E, and Astaxanthin Plus Coenzyme Q10 are interesting additional options,” she said.

“We only have one body, and there are no replacement parts, so we have to take good care of the entire body system – the brain, the heart and the eyes. The earlier we start taking care of our health the better.”

Women ranging in age from 25 to 40 years shared their personal experiences, offering the full perspective from the different stages of life.

“I never used to take care of myself at all,” said fashion designer and beauty blogger Jiraporn “Saipan” Buranapong, “and I was not a beautiful person with my rough skin. Then I started taking weight loss seriously and taking better care of myself the natural way.

“I have recipes that use herbs and vegetables from my mother’s garden. I drink tomato juice and lots of water. I was eating clean food long before it became popular – lean meat, vegetables – and I avoid eating too much carbohydrates and sugar and never have large meal portions. I also always do cardio exercise to burn off fat and ride my bike every day. These activities have become routine for me.”

ML Auradis Snidvongs, a senior vice president at Siam Piwat, said that, having raised her children, her aim is restoring balance in life.

“I’ve started working again and I take good care of myself by eating items from all the recommended food groups, especially vegetables, fish and fruit with Vitamin C, like grapes and oranges. I avoid carbohydrates and drink plenty of water. I do a lot of exercise, including swimming and horseback riding, and I use our fitness equipment at home.

“The real secret to maintaining balance once you get older, though, is finding a peaceful spot to sit and relax,” she said. “It’s good for both the mind and the health.”

ML Radeethep Devakula, an assistant vice president at Thai Beverage, is the mother of three young children as well as the wife of an ambassador.

“I’m scared of all the medical equipment they use in the beauty industry, so dietary supplements are the alternative for me.” She too exercises regularly, eats healthy food and takes proper care of her skin, using cream to combat fine lines and dark circles under the eyes.

“To be a woman in 2016, looking beautiful for your age and have your own style,” Radeethep said, “you have to love yourself – doing good things for your own sake, first by taking care of your skin – and love your career, inspiring yourself to be all you can be. Be your own kind of beautiful – that’s the definition of eternal beauty.”

After the discussion, yoga instructor Chatrisa “Noo Lek” Srisarntiwong led a session of “baby face yoga”, designed to “tighten up your facial skin in 30 minutes”.

The participants first sat with backs straight and repeated five times the words “kluay” to pucker the lips, “nam” to compress them, and “wa” to open the mouth and eyes. Next they said “pla” to open the mouth, “too” to protrude the lips, “mod” to pull the chin down, and “kheng” to open the eyes wide without raising the eyebrows.

To reduce sagging neck skin, they said “som” with head straight and lips compressing tightly, and “tum” with a swallow and the breath held for five seconds. This was done facing front, up, down, left and right, changing direction on the count of five.

Finally there was the “super-lift” with head straight and the lips tightly compressed, the saying “pa pa pa pa”, again in different directions.

“You get tired,” Noo Lek said. “It’s like going through intense exercise. If you do baby-face yoga and take dietary supplements, your facial skin will be taut.”