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music May 29, 2012 00:00

By Thasong Asvasena
The Nation

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Trio Faye Fang Kaew draw the fans to a well-produced show at Royal Paragon Hall

Saturday’s FFK Aholic Concert featuring pop trio Faye Fang Kaew was one of the better concerts by Thai artists so far this year, with excellent stage production, glamorous costumes and a very warm reception for the three lovely girls.

Despite being branded as teen pop by Kamikaze an affiliate of RS Promotion, the talented 20-somethings showed maturity in their performance, packing powerful vocals in a set that featured 20 songs from their four albums during the three-hour show.

The three screens used for the medium-sized stage at Royal Paragon Hall proved useful in featuring lyrics as captions, making it easy for the 2,000-strong fans to read and sing along to many songs.

Debuting five years ago, Faye Fang Kaew are one of RS Promotion’s flagship artists and comprise sisters Dhanundhorn “Fang” Neerasingh and Pornpawee “Faye” Neerasingh plus Jarinya “Kaew” Sirimongkolsakul. Influenced by K-pop, especially in the fast-tempo tunes, rapping and dance numbers, Faye Fang Kaew brings a uniquely Thai flavour to their ballads, which include “Tham Mai Khid”, “Flowers”, and “Wa Wun .

The concert also featured Panyarisa “Waii” Thienprasit, and teen sensation Dharmthai “Timethai” Plangsilp, who won equally loud cheers from the crowd. Timethai, 16, wowed the audience with his hits “No More” and “The End”, while Waii racheted up the screams with her hit “For What?” before jamming on “Falling In Love” with Faye Fang Kaew.

Adding some serious spice was a team of eight main dancers plus six extras while attractive costumes helped make the show more interesting and highlighted the trio’s beauty, rendering them even more photogenic on screens during closeups.

Faye Fang Kaew performed three medley sessions featuring their previous hits, which had the crowd screaming. Gimmicks were used to match the gossip about the girls’ boyfriends, with Kaew receiving a bouquet from actor Nawat “Pong” Kulrattanarak while she was singing “Rattled”, Faye being given flowers by Sing Musikapong of Sqweez Animal, and Fang doubling up with blossoms from Panu “Poppy” Jirakun of K-Otic delivered through Chatchaya “Poppy” Songcharoen of hiphop trio 3.2.1. Waii was greeted by a muay thai boxer of French descent identified merely as Antoine, whom she referred to as a friend.

Emotions ran high when Faye Fang Kaew talked to the crowd, referring to their five-year experience in the music business and the warm reception from their fans, with Kaew in tears as she greeted fans in live feeds on the screens. They also greeted and spoke to RS chief executive Surachai Chetchotisak, who was present at the concert, with Kaew mentioning that Faye Fang Kaew had never appeared in a television series together – a hint that entertainment reporters may want to follow up.

The concert wrapped with “Help Me Please!!!” and a repeat of “Love Aholic” “Thanks 4 U” and the trio’s smash hit “MSN ^_^”. Fang had earlier dropped a hint that this concert could be FFK’s last but quickly changed the subject.

Another hint to keep the reporters busy, no doubt.