Thai bands get back to their roots

music August 07, 2012 00:00


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 More than 7,000 fans of alternative rock, many of them in their teens, flocked to Bitec on Saturday for 10 hours of solid music as “Sonic Attack 2012: ’90s the Best” celebrated the hits of two decades ago.
The sold-out one-day music festival was a very well organised and positive experience. Security was tight but not oppressive, the stage was well managed and the food and beverage outlets well coordinated.
Despite 14 bands belting out rock music throughout the session, there were no brawls and no offence was taken to the apparent, if vague, anti-government statements by local outfits Blackhead and Sepia.
Stalls outside the hall offered great food and soft drinks and while there were complaints that the beer being sold by sponsors Chang beer, was over-priced at Bt100 a can, fans did hand over the cash. 
Fans also appreciated the DJs sets featuring tracks by Oasis, Blur and Rage Against the Machine. Among them was veteran DJ Wasana Weerachatplee, who made her name promoting British modern rock, especially the Manic Street Preachers, on her radio programme.
Almost 20 years have passed since most of the bands were born and their sets had older fans reliving the 1990s and early 2000s.
Local bands played their hits and included a foreign song from the ’90s to match the concept of the festival. The Must covered Blur, Blackhead played Nirvana while Moderndog performed a song by Radiohead.