Teaming up for the memories

music February 23, 2013 00:00

By Ekkarat Sukpetch
The Nation

The much-loved 1990's pop-dance outfit Mr Team stages a comeback, much to the delight of their fans


Thirteen years after their last full-scale show “Live Shock & Show” in 2000, dance pop band, Mr Team were back on stage at Impact Exhibition Hall last Saturday with “Mr Team Returns: Chao Chor Malee … Mai Tong Mee Kam Banyai”.
The show had been held over from late last year after Arunrat “Tik” Kamrit developed laryngitis and delighted fans greeted the singer with applause and screams as she arrived on stage along with band members, fellow vocalist and percussionist Surachai “Tar” Wongbuakhao and drummer Surasit “Ek” Charoenrat. The three immediately swung into “Adventure”, “Mai Mee Chan Laew Ther Ja Roo Suek”, “Chao Ying Nithra”, “Sai Hua” and “Chao Chor Malee” from 1999’s “Money Money”, 2002’s “Adventure” and 2004’s “Bump” that had the audience singing and dancing along.
Mr Team then cooled down the action with a softer set that included “Sawan Mai Mee Kamtob”, “Khae Nai Khae Nan” and “Chan Mai Ba Phor”.
Tik introduced her first guest Chawin “Jug” Chitsomboon who performed “Khwam Rak Jak Chan” with Sunita “Beau” Leetikul before going solo for “Ther Suay”.
Golf F—king Hero jammed with Mr Team on BoB’s “Nothing on You”, Stamp’s “Chai Klang”, Joey Boy’s reggae-style “Rai Kor Rak” and Buddha Bless’ “Luem Pai Korn.” Singer and percussionist Tar showed his powerful vocals on “Khon Mai” and “Thar”, with the audience joining in wholeheartedly for the reprise.
Laughter greeted King The Voice who performed “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” and “Radoo Thi Chan Ngao” before duetting with Deer A Cappella 7 on “Moves Like Jagger”, “Staying Alive”, and “Just The Way You Are”. 
Screams almost drowned out the music as ETC joined Mr Team for “Khon Nai Fun” and ETC’s “Patjuban” and “Niyam”. Teerapat “Tui” Sajjakul sang “Song Jai” and was joined by Tar for “Jai Bok Wa Chai Loei”.
The band showcased their instrumental talents before handing the microphone to Tik for an emotional version of “Jai Hai Pai Loei” followed by a lively non-stop medley that featured “Livin’ La Vida Loca”, “On the Floor”, “Money Money”, “Phad Kaprao” , “Bang Bang Kan Pai” and “Chao Chor Malee”.
The concert came to an end with “Khob Fah Khob Fang Khwam Wang Paendin” and “Mai Tong Mee Kam Banyai.”