Art July 19, 2012 00:00


Mac's AW 2012 Trends offer multiple ways to look feminine yet powerful

Not every woman can be an artist, but the AW 2012 Trends Collection from cosmetics maker Mac certainly renders every face a potential canvas. There are four ways to get creative – Sense + Sensibility, Roam Antique, Hone-Structure and Artitech – for a wide range of culturally diverse and glorious looks.

You can be a smouldering geisha or a Middle Eastern princess – or both at the same time – as Mac declares the “grungy wild look” out and the “powerful boho gypsy look” in. “The bohemian spirit of this season has nothing to do with grungy girls,” advises Lyne Desnoyes of Mac. Instead, it’s flirtatious but cultured, gorgeous yet subtle.

Each of the “trends” in the collection serves to enhance your best features. If you want to flaunt your bone structure, go for Hone-Structure. It adds depth to contours to render a classically sculpted face worthy of Michelangelo.

Mac’s Pro Sculpting Creams and cream-colour bases enhance every contour and diminishes bags beneath the eyes.

Sense + Sensibility includes the Lovely Danger Lipstick and Gesso Eye Shadow for creating luscious geisha lips and deep-set Slavic eyes in one face. The aim is to appear both culturally diverse and powerful, even regal. Gone is the conservative housewife of a bygone era, replaced by the modern woman in command.

With Roam Antique’s eccentric yet honed look and Mac’s Coffee Eye Pencil and Pro Taupe Powder Blush, eyes can be enhanced and contours become sharp and powerful. The inspiration for this collection comes from sepia sunsets and other marvels of the natural world.

Facial geometry can be created with the Arti-tech makeup kit, which uses chromographic pencils to allow Oriental precision in the contours and lash lines.

Coco Chanel famously combined feminine sensuality with masculine grave, and today the androgynous beauty that possesses both strength and gentility reigns. AW 2012 is about empowering women with the masculine look of power while maintaining their feminine charm and softness.