Silverlake's surfeit of love

music July 07, 2012 00:00

By Kitchana Lersakvanitchakul

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Pattaya's vineyard hosts the Overlove Music Fest and this time the heavy showers hold off


It may have been overcast with grey clouds scudding across the sky but the sun was smiling on Silverlake Vineyard in Pattaya last Saturday as it played host to the Over Love Music Festival. More than 5,000 music fans turned out for the occasion, surpassing the promoter’s expectations, and the threatening clouds managed no more than light drizzle.
Silverlake, which also hosted Kitaro earlier this year, is proving a popular venue for festivals, thanks in part to excellent facilities, an attractive hilly backdrop, a bridge over the stream and, of course, the vineyards, making it ideal for photo shoots. 
Most of the audience spent the night hours partying and taking photos in addition to listening to love songs by several of artists, both well known and new to the scene. 
The event kicked off with The Gam, who played their first single, a pop soul ditty called “Khon Khoei Dee” before segueing into “Khon Nee Khor Hom” and “Wan Thi Hai Pai”. They were followed by Peet Pira who arrived on stage with his acoustic guitar and strummed along to “Khwam Rak Dee Dee Yoo Thi Nai”, “Thang Dern Haeng Rak” and “Ngao”.
Two Poptorn performed his R&B songs before jamming with Champ Supawat on “Thi Chan Roo” and “Online on Love”, and ended his show with the hit “Prod Ya Ma Songsarn”.
Room 39 wowed with crowd with “Ther Khue Khwam Fun” and “Chan Tong Khoo Kap Ther”, Singular won applause for “Bao Bao”, while Friday had the audience cheering on “Ther Yang Mee Chan” and “Better Day”.
The crowd screamed when Thee Chaiyadej came out with his acoustic guitar to perform “Home” and sang along to “Kon Hin Lamer”.
The clouds heard Saksit “Toh” Vejsu-paporn opening sequence of piano notes to the rain-related song “Klang Sai Fon” and obliging let go of a light drizzle. Flure’s singer Q guested with him on “Radu Thi Chan Ngao” before handing over to Ben Chalathit, who showcased his impressively high pitch  on “Khon Khang Lang” and a cover of Pongsit Khampi’s “Sud Jai”. Stamp served up  “Chai Klang” and “Yak Ja Roo” featuring   A Knot, while Scrubb played “Khon Nee” and “Ther Moon” featuring Jui Juis.
As ever, the loudest screams were reserved for    Pod Moderndog and POP  who made the audience sing and sway. The concert wrapped with a set by Mild and Lipta.