Shut up and drink Champagne

Art September 07, 2012 00:00

By The Nation

Bed Supperclub goes silent for a youth shelter


The owners of Bed Supperclub hosted a silent party last week to raise funds for the Hub Saidek Shelter’s efforts to safeguard runaway youngsters. 
The party with collective performance and cocktails was supported by Moet & Chandon. The 60-minute gathering was in the restaurant side of Bed Supperclub, where guests had to wear white lab coats and noise-muting earmuffs. For a full hour no words could be uttered. Only the soft, fizzy sound of sparkling Champagne and the occasional clicks of cameras were heard. 
“Silence can be a form of protest, purification or to access one’s creative potential,” Bed’s Sanya Souvanna Phouma explained. “We chose the Hub Saidek Shelter for the good work it’s been doing with the children and also because it’s now located at the same place About Cafe was. When I came back from France, About Cafe was the centre of all things artistic – it contributed heavily to my artistic knowledge and passion.”
The party’s main objective was to create awareness about this fairly new organisation and its needs. It was also an effort to reconnect with the Bangkok Art scene and reaffirm Bed Supperclub as a venue that embraces other art forms other than electronic music.
“Silence is Golden” is also a homage to Serbian artist Marina Abramovic, who has explored the potential of silence as a creative medium.