Shirtless Ananda terrorises Tibet

Art August 23, 2012 00:00

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It’s been three years since Sunny Suwanmethanon and Ananda Everingham finished shooting “Shambhala” in Tibet, but it’s taken that long to thaw out the footage for Bangkok theatres. The actors’ friendship, however, has remained warm throughout.
Meeting the press to plug the movie, Sunny said he’s full of respect for Ananda and his multitude of screen roles. “I’ve seen him playing serious stuff, with lots of tears, and realised he’s got real acting power, and then when I met him on the set he seemed like a very cool guy.”
Sunny wants it known, though, that artistic licence was involved in him playing Ananda’s kid brother. “Actually he’s younger than me, even if his face doesn’t suggest it,” he giggled.
Anything else? Yeah, what’s with Ananda always showing off his muscles? “I don’t know why, but he was taking off his clothes all the time! He’d suggest it to the director and volunteer to take off his shirt and run around. And it was so damn chilly there!”
In the end it came down to Sunny simply accepting his co-star as is. “I just came to understand that ‘This is Ananda!’”
Rules, schmools
Ten thousand party animals had a great time at last Saturday’s Sensation dance party. The only disappointed people were the retailers who were counting on Bangkok clubbers to ignore the dress code like they usually do. They’d been invited to set up stalls outside Impact Arena selling white clothing to fit the party’s “Ocean of White” theme.
A lot of people had to buy their gear to be allowed inside, but not nearly as many as expected. There were a few “black sheep” inside anyway. One explained that he was told at the entrance to go buy something white but the kiosks had already closed, so they let him in. 
And the age restriction (no one under 20) wasn’t that strict either. We counted at least one 16-year-old, from a prominent political family. Rules are such whimsical things.