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music June 15, 2013 00:00

By Kitchana Lersakvanitchakul

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Big Bang's G Dragon delights Bangkok fans with a exceptionally well-designed concert

They’ve been wowing fans since 2006 with their unique urban music and now Korean outfit Big Bang’s five members are aiming to achieve the same success as solo artists.
Daesun was the first to go it alone and now it’s the turn of G-Dragon. He’s currently playing shows all over the globe as part of his “One Of A Kind” tour and, much to the delight of his thousands of loyal followers stopped off at Impact Arena, Muang Thong Thani last week for two full-scale concerts.
The first of these was held on Friday and the organisers pulled out all the stage production stops to ensure that fans got their money worth. 
The volume of G-Dragon’s music videos, which had been playing on a loop since the doors opened, suddenly increased in volume to mark the beginning of the show and the screens switched to reveal the Korean singer apparently fleeing unseen pursuers in a souped-up racing car. The car crashed through the barrier on the screen and the stage curtains simultaneously and G-Dragon, clad in a red Formula 1-style outfit, emerged from the glittering motor.
“Make some noise”, he shouted, after greeting his fans, then swung into his latest single, the electronic and hip-hop number “Go”, as the hydraulic round stage raised him into the air.
 “How do you feel tonight, Bangkok? Are you ready to dance?” G-Dragon asked before segueing into the very danceable title track of his 2009 debut album, “Heartbreaker” then rapping on the title track of 2012’s “One Of A Kind”.
G Dragon has long been known for his talents in combining a mix of dance, hip-hop and R&B music. He showed off those skills on Friday night, performing three high-energy songs in quick succession. Breaking into “Light It Up”, he shouted to the audience to raise their light sticks high in the air, then followed up with “The Leaders” while driving a segway back and forth across the stage. For the jazzy “Butterfly”, he appeared on a moving LED display that shifted between a picturesque scene of a mountain covered with snow, a tree with red leaves, a windmill and six butterflies.
“Missing You” was equally as tuneful, with G-Dragon sitting in front of a LED display showing the trunk of a giant tree while its top branches appeared on other screens behind. He continued the set with the love ballads “That XX” and “Without You”.
The scaffolding on the stage was also put into use for G-Dragon to perform while showcasing the instrumental skills of his American backing musicians.
Band mate Seungri was a guest and covered G-Dragon’s “Strong Baby” before singing his own rock track “What Can I Do”.
“Last Christmas, I had an incredible trip to Thailand. Tom yum goong is the best Thai food. The people are very kind and so lovely,” Seungri told the audience before waving goodbye.
G-Dragon then performed This Love”, a cover of the American alternative rock band Maroon 5 and added his own speedy rapping. “Station of One Year”, “She’s Gone” and “Obsession” before the rapper closed out the show with “Crayon” and Big Bang’s hit “Fantastic Baby”.
He returned to the stage with an encore that featured “Breathe” and “Bad Boy”, which had fans singing along with him, then said a final farewell with a reprise of “Go”.