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British alternative rockers Suede and Thailand's own Moderndog headline Sonic Attack 2012


Fans of the ’90’s will soon get their fix as Sonic Attack 2012 - a 12-hour musical extravaganza by alternative rockers Suede and local stars – arrives in Bangkok. On August 4, the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre – or Bitec Bang Na – turns into a time machine to transport music junkies back in time to the decade when grunge, Britpop, Britrock and “alternative” sounds dominated the airwaves, when the CD became the new vinyl and Mark Walhberg was still known as Marky Mark. 
Those who started it all, and probably had the biggest influence on the Thai music scene, were the British bands. Among them was Suede, a London outfit who kickstarted the Britpop revolution of the '90s, bringing English indie pop/rock music away from the swirling shoegazing and dance-pop fusions of Madchester, and reinstating such conventions of British pop as mystique and even nostalgia. 
When they released the first single, “The Drowners”, in 1992, with old-fashioned and self-conscious controversial flair, the British press and public went wild, making Suede’s 1993 self-titled debut the fastest-selling first album in UK history. This will be the band’s fifth concert in Thailand.
Suede churned out five studio albums, the last, “A New Morning”, being released in 2002. Tracks such as “Animal Nitrate”, “So Young”, “Stay Together”, “Trash”, “Beautiful Ones”, “Lazy”, “Everything Will Flow” became the signature sounds of the 90’s. 
While alternative sounds slowly took over the world, a young amateur group, Modern Dog, was being inspired by the heavy, extended guitar riffs, the pounding drums and the screaming vocals – qualities that earned them the biggest prize at the Coke Music Awards in 1994. Moderndog, as they prefer to spell their name today, have continued to thrive, and are today one of the country’s most unique and influential bands.
Apart from these two heavyweights, Sonic Attack 2012 also features alternative rockers Blackhead, See Tao Ther, a music programme producer turned rocker, Manote Puttarn and his band The Lamb, electronica act Suharit Siamwalla, underground hardcore group Sepia, melodious pop Proud, funky pop singer YokeePlayboy and many more. 
The event will also give the fans a chance to get up close and personal with their icons in Face of 90’s session, marvel the wall of nostalgic pictures of the 90’s in music, style and attitude, and take home some souvenirs and collectibles as keepsakes. There’s also a 90’s Bar where you can chill, and listen to DJ Seed (Noraset Mudkong) and DJ Wassane Veerachatplee in action – juts like old times. 
Sonic Attack is happening on Saturday August 4 at Bitec Bang Na Hall 106, from 1pm till midnight.
Standing tickets from Thai Ticket Major are Bt1,500. Today and tomorrow is your last chance to get them at Bt1,200. 
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