Relatively rich

Art July 24, 2012 00:00

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Relatively rich
Deputy Commerce Minister Siriwat Kachornprasart has reported in his required assets declaration filed with the National Anti-Corruption Commission that his wife Sicha earned Bt4.5 million in the past year. 
Isara news agency let out a long whistle but noted that the cash was all wedding gifts, some of it likely from her new father-in-law, political heavyweight Sanan Kachornprasart. That adds up.
What didn’t add up was that Siriwat now appeared to be “poorer” than he was a year ago when he became deputy minister of Commerce. It should be acknowledged that “poor” is a relative term, especially if you have relatives like Sanan.
So Isara nosed around and found out that the young man is less fabulously wealthy than he was, simply because he “gave” a whack of his money to his sister to invest
PM obviously prefers farang
The press often complains that Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra sometimes holds back on them. There was more grumbling on Saturday among the Thai reporters accompanying her to France.
They’d recorded Yingluck meeting the Thai expatriate community in Paris in the morning, but then were told she wanted some private time in the afternoon. She’d see them later at the airport when it was time to fly home. 
There was scepticism but a general agreement to let the PM have her private time. They should have stayed sceptical, because within hours the newspaper Le Monde had revealed what she got up to. She’d gone shopping.
The paper had asked Yingluck what she planned to do after meeting President Fran